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Corporate Credential Leak Detection

Credentials leaked from 3rd party applications could be risking your customers' security

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Customer Credential Stuffing Protection

Protect your application subscriber accounts with our real-time authentication checking API

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What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

The DeepWeb and DarkWeb in simple terms are locations on the internet that are hard to find. Hard enough to that they remain out of sight of major search engines and your average internet user, but easy enough to find if you’re a criminal, so it’s the perfect hiding place to share stolen data.

One of the most prolific activities which threaten modern business security defences is the theft and sharing of usernames and passwords – also known as user credentials, from 3rd party applications.

Millions of user credentials are stolen and being traded between hackers every week and they could pose a significant threat to your business and that of your customers.

“Over 80% of breaches within Hacking involve Brute Force or the use of lost or stolen credentials”

– 2020 Verizon Data Breach Report –

Why Monitor for Leaked Credentials

Usernames and Passwords are the fundamental door keys to your customers’ most critical business secrets and keys like these are leaking every day.

Even with security measures such as multifactor authentication (MFA) enabled there are still applications critical to your customers which may not be protected.

Outsourced payroll system, file shares or data rooms remain exposed while attackers constantly look for new ways to bypass MFA using APIs and old protocols.

Leaked consumer credentials can be used to empty loyalty applications, make fraudulent purchases or even influence pricing by flooding systems with phantom purchases.

That’s why our technology is used by MSPs around the world to protect their customer networks. Come join us too.


“Adopt password testing. Test employees’ passwords across exposed credential dumps along with commonly used credentials.”

– Financial Conduct Authority –