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Corporate Credential Leak Detection

Credentials leaked from 3rd party applications could be risking your network security

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Customer Credential Stuffing Protection

Protect your application subscriber accounts with our real-time authentication checking API's

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December 2020 Trillion™ Discovery Statistics


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We Address Your Biggest Cyber Threats

Here at Threat Status we build the very best award winning data breach discovery technology in order to help our customers (and their customers) stay protected from credential stuffing and password spraying attacks targeting internet facing services.

This years Verizon Data Breach Report is out, and once again the team at Verizon highlight the use of lost or stolen user credentials as taking number one spot when it comes to successful hacking attacks against organisations like yours.


That’s why our technology is used by Governments, Insurance Organisations, Retailers, Formula1 Racing Teams, Loyalty providers, Airlines and many other industries around the world to help stay ahead of the most popular cyber attack methods being deployed today, and we’d love to help protect your organisation next.


“Adopt password testing. Test employees’ passwords across exposed credential dumps along with commonly used credentials.”

– Financial Conduct Authority –


Attention all medical organisations

Like everyone else in the world – the team here at Threat Status are incredibly grateful to all the medical practitioners and support staff around the globe working so hard to keep us safe during the COVID pandemic.

We don’t have the skills to be able to step in and help directly with those who are sick but we want to play our part if we possibly can, and to that end we’re giving away free Trillion Enterprise Accounts until April 2021 to any medical or clinical organisation.

Simply apply for our free SME account from the sign up page and enter C19 as a referral code.  We’ll quickly check to confirm your organisation qualifies and then upgrade you.  No charge no catch.

“Over 80% of breaches within Hacking involve Brute Force or the use of lost or stolen credentials”

– 2020 Verizon Data Breach Report –

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