Meet Trillion™

The Breached Account Mining platform that continuously tracks, correlates and analyses billions of stolen usernames and passwords, hunting for data that could belong to your business.

Trillion has been developed specifically to help organisations avoid Corporate Account Take Over, Business Email Compromise and Fraud.

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3rd Party Breaches Are Risky Business

With the exponential rise in the frequency and scale of data breaches now occurring across the internet organisations can no longer ignore the risk that leaked data presents to their operations and systems.

Data breaches are becoming daily news, resulting in millions of new records being released, traded or sold on the Dark Web, Hacker Forums and paste sites every month.  The wrong data in the hands of the right criminal has the potential to cause widespread damage to corporate assets while the attackers go totally undetected.

To mitigate the impact of 3rd party data leakage Threat Status have developed Trillion™, a World Class Digital Risk Monitoring platform that eats stolen credentials for breakfast.  Trillion combines the power of automated and manual collection, data correlation, visualisation and proprietary risk scoring algorithms to rapidly alert organisations to presence of high risk business credentials “in the wild”.


How We Can Help With Your Security Challenges

Account Take Over

Don't make it easy for criminals to compromise your systems

Data Leak Detection

Don't be the last to know if your data is taken

Shadow IT

Identify the infrastructure you never knew you had

Fraud Reduction

Understand the risk of your players and subscribers

User Awareness

Enhance user awareness to the risk of their actions

Features At A Glance

Credential Breach Monitoring
Continuous Monitoring
Risk Correlation
Email Notifcations
Enterprise Visbility
Employee Access
Visual Link Analysis
Dedicated Analysts
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Trillion™ leverages the power of billions of data points to provide you with the four or five indicators that might affect your organisation.

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Its Simple

Big data is no use if it takes a team of data scientists to use it. Trillion™ provides clear early indicators about what you need to react to next.

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Its Secure

Trillion™ has been built from the ground up with security designed and considered at every level.

Threat Status 7,960

Breached Databases Analysed

Threat Status 4,540,717,237

Exposed Records Found