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Who are we

Threat Status Ltd is a UK based Threat Intelligence company located on the beautiful south coast of England and part of the Crossword Cybersecurity PLC group of companies.

Our company was established in 2017 by Jon Inns and Ian Nice who have both spent most of their careers in the information security industry.

After the large Yahoo data breach of approximately three billion user accounts in 2013 they began observing a steady increase in compromised and leaked user data, and recognised very quickly that the release of this information had the potential to do a lot more harm than many imagined possible.  In the summer of 2017 they took action.

What do we do

We are the developers of Trillion.  A cloud based Security As A Service (SaaS) platform.  We monitor for breaches to 3rd party applications and tirelessly hunt for leaked data.

Trillion gobbles up that data like a hungry goat, extracts useful artefacts, compares them with everything we’ve ever seen before, decides how dangerous the data is to our clients and delivers its results.  Easy.

From the outset we designed our service to be affordable for all, as data breaches affect everyone, so no matter how large or small your organisation is, we’d love to work with you – so lets talk.

Trillion is one of the most useful security tools we have and the team here use it routinely. It's brilliant.

Why choose us?

Complete Focus On Credential Leakage Mitigation
UK Owned And Developed
Highest Levels Of System Security
Dedicated Analysts
Powerful And Intuitive
Affordable Pricing Models