Glance Reports Help Define The Threat

While ongoing and proactive monitoring is the best way for your organisation to manage the risks associated with 3rd party data breaches, we understand that sometimes a quick snapshot of the risks to your business is the best course of action in the first instance.  That’s why we created Trillion Glance Reports.

Our Glance Report advisory service provides organisations with a complete summary of the data that we think is out in the wild which might affect your business.

Glance Reports are generated by our consultants who will deliver a comprehensive list of exposed user credentials for your domain as we can determine at the time.  They identify user accounts where we believe user sensitive data has been identified, and (subject to our Source Masking Policy) where the data appears to have been released from as well as a record by record indicator to the probable existence of associated sensitive data.

Glance reports are available for just £399 per domain and require successful verification of your domain ownership.

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Threat Status 7,960

Breached Databases Analysed

Threat Status 4,540,717,237

Exposed Records Found