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The Problem

Your corporate email address is frequently used as one of only two key pieces of information required to access a wide range of cloud and corporate systems, such as office business suites, accounting packages and other critical business support services – and your email address is usually publicly available or can be easily guessed.  For the majority of systems connected to the internet, the only other information required to gain access to sensitive data, like email systems, finance systems, and even external web and DNS management servers is a password, and frequently these systems are out of sight of your IT Teams or MSPs.

3rd party applications are now being compromised on an almost daily basis, resulting in the leaking of billions and billions of email and password pairs and its highly likely that your corporate users credentials are frequently being added to the mix.  Once an intruder successfully locates a valid username and password combination for one of your users, they are on their way to full account take over, meaning they could access files, email systems, and begin impersonation of your staff.  Account Take Over is Game Over.

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The Solution

The unfortunate reality is there is nothing any of us can do to avoid the compromise of a 3rd party application which doesn’t belong to us, but Trillion gives you the power and ability to monitor for leaked credentials sourced from these systems which are now in the hands of criminals and could be used against your business.  This empowers you to take immediate action to understand and mitigate the risk.

Trillion constantly scours the dark web and closed forums, looking for data that belongs to your business, and provides an immediate notification, risk assessment and visibility into the source of the leak, and the people in your business who could be affected.

Trillion gives you a radar across the internet letting you see where your user credentials are being used, leaked and potentially weaponised.