The Problem

Data theft can occur for a myriad of different reasons.  Technical failures like incorrectly configured security controls on an application server, web application vulnerabilities, malware and Account Take Over, all play their part in data loss, but people do too.  Phishing emails, social engineering and malicious insiders are also frequently identified as contributors to a data breach and your business is in a constant battle to keep your valuable data protected.

In today’s data rich, interconnected world there are simply no security guarantees and data breaches are a now becoming a daily occurrence, even amongst the most technically advanced companies in the world.

If having a security breach wasn’t bad enough – frequently organisations don’t even know they’ve had a breach until its been reported in the media, and by then its too late to manage media reports and customer panic and the consequences can be severe.

That’s why we developed HoneyCreds.

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The Solution

Trillion HoneyCreds work a bit like modified DNA.  Your data is your companies DNA, its what makes you unique and its highly valuable.

When data is stolen from an organisation its frequently duplicated, sold or merged into a “combo list” and distributed on the dark web so it can be used for crime, but without an original sample it can be difficult to trace it back to its source.

Trillion HoneyCreds enable us to tag your data by inserting small unique attributes into your data-sets.  These have no affect on your security or data integrity, but they act as unique digital markers enabling us to know uniquely that the data is yours.

Once these markers are inserted, Trillion begins monitoring tirelessly for these little digital tags.  Each one is unique to your application and if our software ever detects a marker we can easily identify the data source and alert you immediately of a data leak.

These little guys are very powerful and highly effective.