The Problem

Many organisations operate online, providing services to customers such as points programs, service subscriptions, and online purchases, but with the massive increase in 3rd party data breaches information about your subscribers (which they believe are closely guarded secrets) can now easily be found on the dark web and used for crime.

Few consumers understand the risk of password reuse, and even fewer realise how much of their data has already been leaked.  The result is that when your customers sign up for your services, they will frequently use the same data for verification to your application as they have used previously.

With this information already out in the wild it makes it easy for fraudsters to access your systems by credential stuffing your subscribers details and defrauding your business.

Your subscribers will expect you to pick up the cost of any losses and question your security.

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The Solution

With one of the biggest breach data sets anywhere in the world, Arc can provide your business with insight about the risk each of your subscribers pose to your business.

We can help identify which of your subscribers are most likely to be a target for credential stuffing, the probability that it might succeed, and help you take proactive measures to avoid account compromises.

Contact us directly for more information about our fraud reduction capabilities.