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The Problem

Its hard maintaining a secure infrastructure, but with the rise in popularity of cloud services its now almost impossible to fully understand what your users are accessing.  Users are no longer confined to the limits of a secure intranet and a mail server.  They have easy and instant access to a huge range of feature rich cloud services through their web browser and when your well built and secure infrastructure gets in their way or slows them down, they just go around it.

Of course there are huge benefits to cloud services too.  Brilliant Human Resources, Accounting, File Sharing, Project Planning, Travel, Expense, and Collaboration services are all instantly available for monthly micro payments, so it make sense to use them, but they’re outside of your IT teams control and visibility.

Not knowing if your users are using these services, and if their accounts are accessible to criminals leaves security teams with a highly risky blind spot.

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The Solution

Trillion operates one of the most comprehensive collections of breach data anywhere in the world, automatically ingesting millions of new records every month with thousands of exposed applications already processed and analysed.

Our dedicated analysts constantly look for new data breaches, working obsessively with them to make sure the data is accurate and relevant.  This means that if your users are using 3rd party applications which have been breached, Trillion can provide you with direct notifications about the source of the breach, the users affected and how that data changes the overall threat picture for each of your impacted users.

Trillion frequently highlights compromised 3rd party applications that organisations security teams didn’t even know that their users were using.