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The Problem

When it comes down to keeping your corporate environment secure, one of the consistent challenges we hear about is educating users on the importance of good cyber security practices.

The reality is though sometimes cyber security just isn’t very high up in their priorities.  Your staff will have their own specialisms and talents which are critical to the functioning of your business, but they frequently find the importance of good security practices and behaviours difficult to comprehend, and often see cyber security as nothing more than a business obstacle.

Corporate policies and online training are used as tools to try and get users to understand the importance of system security but these are rapidly forgotten or ignored.

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The Solution

Here at Threat Status we believe that the key to getting your users to understand the importance of good security behaviour is to actively bring them into the data loop.

By letting your users engage directly with our technology in a user friendly way, by letting them see the risks we see, and by allowing them to engage with data that directly affects them, they rapidly learn and understand why good cyber security is so important.

Trillion is built to safely and securely enable you to involve your users in the threat mitigation process, effectively making all of your staff mini security warriors, working with you rather than against you while at the same time enabling them to get a greater appreciation for cyber security first principles.