Why Partner With Us?

If you’re supplying IT services to your clients we know you’ll recognise the need to stand out.  You need to find competitive advantages to ensure your customers remain satisfied with what you are doing for them but also they need to feel they are getting the best possible service for their money, and we think we can help.

By partnering with Threat Status we can give you that edge by providing you with unique cyber security services that you can deliver on to your customers that provides value which is undeniable.

We’re looking for resellers and MSSPs who are considered trusted advisers to their customers and who want join us protecting businesses from the real and growing danger of leaked credentials.

Whats the USP?

Do you think the CEO of your most important client would be impressed by your ability to warn him about their usernames and passwords being shared by criminals?  Where they got them from?  What they were?  Do you think your client will think that’s useful information?  We do.

Having the ability to warn your customers about leaked credentials from across the internet is one of the most compelling and powerful security capabilities being provided today.  It shows broad visibility of threats they would never have thought possible and it could save them from an imminent breach.  We know from experience that this is true.

Trillion is a high impact security cloud subscription service which can be deployed in minutes to your customers, and which starts delivering value almost immediately.

Why partner with us?

Frictionless Setup, Running In Minutes
Suitable For Any Organisation
No Upfront Commitment
Generous Margins
Recurring Revenues
MSSP Ready
Simple Value Proposition
Full Support During Sales Process
Unique Capabilities