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Introducing Trillion QuickCheck

By Editor Last - July 1st, 2019 Posted in Company News

Here at Threat Status we know that it can be difficult to decide if actively monitoring for lost company data on the deep and dark web is something that your business should be doing on a regular basis.

If you’re a small company you might think that data leakage doesn’t affect you, perhaps you’re not in a technical role or your company doesn’t have a dedicated IT department that can safely research criminal forums digging for your company information.  Whatever the reason we feel it’s important that organisations have the ability to quickly find out if there is data being circulated that could impact the security of your IT systems and data, and we want to help.

Today we have released a new free to use QuickCheck feature to Trillion which gives organisations an opportunity to quickly gather a snapshot of what could be out there in relation to stolen user credentials.  There is no signup required, but your email address will need to be associated with your company domain so Trillion can verify its safe to send you the results.