Threat Status Technical Advancements backed by Innovate UK

By Editor Last - September 8th, 2020 Posted in Company News

Today we are delighted to announce that Threat Status has been awarded co-funding from the UK’s innovation agency, innovate UK to further the Research and Development of Arc, our Real-time Vulnerable Credential Checking Services.

Credential Stuffing attacks are a simple but effective attack targeting applications and e-commerce platforms across the internet, and the aim of Arc is to instantly drive down the ability for billions of stolen user credentials to be used fraudulently against online applications.

With the funding support from innovate UK Arc will help establish the UK as a true innovator of Cyber Protection Services where Businesses and Consumers around the world can be confident that the UK is a truly safe place to operate online.

More information on Arc can be found here
More information on Innovate UK can be found here