Due to the exponential growth of data breaches occurring across the internet, and faced with the fact that there is often little in the way of user notification and feedback warning organisations about the risks they were being exposed to, we developed Trillion.

Trillion is designed from the ground up to actively monitor and alert organisations to the threats they are being exposed to due to the endless stream of data leaks from compromised 3rd party applications.

Trillion provides one of the most comprehensive data leak repositories anywhere in the world, and is backed up by our internal breach hunters and a community of world class security researchers.

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Effective threat identification all starts with effective data discovery.  At Threat Status we have dedicated analysts who are constantly on the lookout for new breach data to feed our Trillion platform.  We have automated methods too, which work around the clock, but when it comes to spotting new leaks of information you still can’t beat human intuition and observation.

It might be chatter on a forum, an announcement by a company in their trading statements, or some other intelligence we hear about – but if there’s been a breach and our clients data could be in the wrong hands, we’re looking for it.  We invest heavily in this area which means our ability to discover new data quickly is at the forefront of the industry.

Trillion processes millions and millions of new records every week which ensures our clients can quickly and efficiently identify information that could put their systems and people at risk.



Protecting your users from the risks associated with data breaches requires more than simply searching for data because the reality is – all breaches are not equal.  Some will mean much more to your business than others, so we work hard to make sure this is taken into account.

Trillion executes full data inspection which enables us to analyse passwords, users, sources of breach, grouping users to breaches, how the data relates to other breaches we have seen in the past, and what it means to you.  We do all of this from a very intuitive and easy to use User Interface.

This provides security administrators an enterprise wide view of which users at at the greatest risk.

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The ability to analyse the billions of credentials being leaked by 3rd parties is a powerful capability, but wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that if it was your organisations data that had been stolen and traded, you had a fighting chance to be able to detect it?

Trillion HoneyCreds are records which can be inserted into your application data and act is unique identifiers.  HoneyCreds are completely harmless and passive, have no impact on your systems, infrastructure or security, but we know what they are and where they live.

If Trillion ever detects a HoneyCred in a leaked data set it will know the source of the leak and notify you instantly.


With potentially billions of valid usernames and passwords now in the hands of criminals and new ones leaked on an almost daily basis, it has never been more critical to actively respond to the threat of credential misuse and Account Take Over.

Through the application of our proprietary scoring algorithms, Trillion gives security professionals and risk owners the ability to gain a deep understanding of the issues being presented.  Clearly being able to see which of your users have been the victims of third party leaks, which of those users present the highest risk to the organisation at that moment, and armed with the ability to quickly take appropriate steps to rapidly disarm the threat is key to a measured response.

Trillion uniquely enables security professionals the ability to securely bring all individually affected data subjects directly into the mitigation loop to help verify risky data and execute a proportional response.



Frequently, users are considered the weakest link in the information security chain.  This is usually because your users have a lack of understanding about how their personal choices and behaviours can affect the very fabric of your security strategy.

Trillion enables security teams to directly engage with the users in your organisation who have been affected by data breaches and see why their choices matter.

Trillion securely delivers sensitive data directly down to your users, actively involving them in your response strategy.  A powerful benefit of including your users in your response process and safely sharing their own compromised data with them directly is that it has immediate educational impact.  Your users quickly understand how fundamental security principles like password management are critical, and transform them from weak links into active supporters of good cyber security.

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