Trillion – A Modern Solution To Data Breaches

Need A Modern Response To Data Breaches?

Trillion™ is the Breached Account Mining platform that continuously tracks, correlates and analyses billions of stolen usernames and passwords, hunting for Digital Identities that could belong to your business.

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Meet Trillion™

With the exponential rise in the frequency and scale of data breaches now occurring across the internet, organisations can no longer ignore the risk that leaked data presents to their operations and systems.

The recent 2019 Internet Crime Report published by the FBI indicated that Business Email Compromise continues to be one of the top cyber issues reported by organisations, with losses of over $1.7b last year.

To mitigate Business Email Compromise due to 3rd party data leaks, Threat Status have developed Trillion™, a world class Digital Risk Monitoring platform that eats stolen credentials for breakfast.  Trillion combines the power of automated and manual collection, data correlation, visualisation and proprietary risk scoring algorithms to rapidly alert organisations to presence of high risk shadow credentials “in the wild”.

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A Perfect Balance Of Business Protection And User Privacy

It's big

Massive Scale

Trillion™ constantly monitors the billions of account credentials passing through dark markets and criminal forums, looking for the few hidden accounts that might affect your organisation

It's Smart

Intelligent Analysis

Trillion™ does a lot more than just locate stolen credentials. Our intelligent risk engines identify which leaked usernames and passwords have the greatest potential to result in corporate damage

The Right Data

See What Matters

Without the right tools monitoring breach data can be exhausting. That's why Trillion™ makes it easy to sort through it, by providing data filters and automatic live account detection


Crowd Co-Operation

Sometimes we all need a little help. Trillion™ lets your employees play their part in securing your organisations by letting them help determine the validity of their own leaked information, and the potential impact it might have on your IT services

user awareness

Cyber Awareness

Nothing has more educational impact than a user reviewing their own leaked data, and because Trillion interacts directly with your users we can give them a little cyber training at the same time ;)


Secure By Design

The management of business threats are perfectly balanced with the protection of user privacy, because security is at the heart of what we do. That makes us trusted by some of the worlds biggest brands

Features At A Glance

Password Leak Warnings
Complete Sensitive Data Management
High Risk Account Prioritisation
Automated Account Verification
Employee Incident Reporting
Daily Emailed Threat Summary
Interactive Employee Portal
Continuous Monitoring
Analyst Workflow

How Trillion Can Help With Your Security Challenges

Account Take Over

Don't make it easy for criminals to compromise your systems

Data Leak Detection

Don't be the last to know if your data is taken

Shadow IT

Identify the infrastructure you never knew you had

Fraud Reduction

Understand the risk of your players and subscribers

User Awareness

Enhance user awareness to the risk of their actions